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In-Line Skate - Male - 2010

Event No.    : 17                             Date : 12/02/2010                                                                                  
Race Kind    :Marathon
Type/Name :In-Line Skate

115101:30:09Ulf Haase1959SWE M 501
216801:55:32Moritzen Klaus0GER M H1
315402:03:50Bader Wilfried0GER M H2
415802:04:11Weigel Friedrich0GER M H3
517002:04:42Le Goff  Roland1966FRA M 401
616302:08:00Wrona Gerhard0GER M H4
715302:13:06Dzieweczynski Jeffrey1954USA M 551
816502:16:29Markowski Achim0GER M H5
915702:32:58Kalow Tjark0GER M H6
1016402:33:00Rudolf Ernst1950GER M 552


100 km


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